Your classic advertising tools are over, but you are not satisfied your ambitions? Are you trying to reach a high level of interest of your service and products through your customers? Metricon Group LP - will help you to achieve all your goals in the shortest time.



Tired of your dubious offers of advertising brokers? Aggressive advertising cause discomfort to your visitors? Metricon Group LP - a team of professionals that will provide you an effective advertising formats with the best advertisers for the most favorable conditions for you!



Metricon Group LP - A team of professionals, which provide their knowledge and skills to achieve the desired result. The main purpose of our company - the creation of high-yield business processes to achieve the development of bilateral partnership, shows the desired results for each customer.


To Publishers

Only Best Adverstising Formats

On the market there are a lot of advertising networks which are not able to give you an objective assessment of your project in the beginning. As a result, your possible revenue is not correctly prognosed and promises are not always meet your expectations. In those moments, when your advertising brokers are trying to find their own benefit, we do everything possible to provide favorable conditions for you first! We are interested in cooperation with different publishers with individual terms for each. Billing takes place in real-time, stability of payments will pleasantly surprise every new partner. Start earning money with Metricon Group LP, which will provide you not only high-quality marketing materials, but also as a reliable partner in the long term.


To Advertisers

Only quality traffic

Nowadays market is offer a various products and services to advertisers. Regardless of the budget of each advertiser, we are happy to discuss all the possible conditions of future cooperation and choose which first of all seem to be beneficial and will show desired results. Our team will help you create a high-performance campaign whereby your project will attend only the target audience. We do not aim simply to make money, our main goal is to make the necessary contributions and your interests will be achieved!


High Yield Business Processes

Provide more than 10 million unique visitors per month, our users make more than 10,000 effective actions and sales every day. For our partners we provide a variety of pricing terms, which are primarily oriented to the result. We provide high-end platforms of different subjects, convenient and informative platform accounting and analytics. Contact us and we are more than confident that the efforts of both sides, we will find solutions for problems of any type of complexity.

Metricon Group LP


Metricon provides services on the basis of two major platforms of the Russian market. Each of them cemented its reputation as a stable and reliable partner, showing the most effective results working with different subjects of sites, thus achieving an incredible results in the development of the game and product marketing.


Ad network specializes in buy-out banner ads. This platform covers the audience of different age groups and is able to give each visitor the most suitable promotional page. For each promo page individually designed themed banner capable from the first seconds to convey the essence of the proposed product, allowing the partner receive an interested buyer who has committed a deliberate click, to implement further action.

Flash banners are produced in various sizes, allowing you to work with any projects occupying almost any advertising place, regardless of the design. Thus, this platform is able to cover a maximum audience of the Russian market, which eventually become active players or buyers.


Ad network - a multi-format advertising platform, which provides high quality traffic. Due to to precise targeting technology, partners receive not only advertising unit, but interested buyers ready to make actions on the advertiser's site.

Profile ad format is Click Under - background window advertiser promotional page that opens when you click anywhere on the source site.